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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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"Welcoming and Serving the Displaced" - one of 19 tracks at IWMC 2017. The conference begins in 103 days. Register now.
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Every year the United Nations has unwittingly served the Most High God’s strategy. They analyzed the world’s racial, religious or regime “hot spots” and determined where the resulting refugees were most vulnerable. After a rigorous screening process, they sent to America the number of case files annually determined by the President, and flew these individuals right into Phoenix, AZ. Forget the immunizations, packing, fundraising and jet lag – all you need is enough gas to get you to the nearest Asian or Arab market, restaurant or place of worship. Or check out your community college’s ESL program.Or stroll past a local hotel or meat packing plant right when the shifts are changing. There are many nations at or near your doorstep. How can you be part of the care of refugees in your area? What does it look like to extend the love of Jesus beyond cultures and through language barriers. Come hear from people and ministries who share a heart and passion for refugees at IWMC 2017.

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Check out the new Foundations for farming website.
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International Wholistic Missions Conference
The church is God's agent of transformation. His truth is transforming lives and communities. Join us at IWMC 2017, hear what He is doing at home and around the world, and join the movement.
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Acts 2: 42-47 speaks of a beautiful church which can be a reality today. We are that church. We are one body, the hope of the world. We are to bring truth of God's goodness to a lost world. What might the church looked like if we all put our strengths together to wholistically meet the needs of the community around us. Check out this short clip on truth centered transformation and how it is transforming, not just one life, but entire lives of villages